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Cool Fire uses Drupal CMS. Why?

  • Drupal is not the only CMS platform out there, but it is the best open source CMS for serious business.
  • A large support base and active community have helped solidify its ranking.
  • Drupal is considered to be a mature product, currently in its 7th release and its 8th is in the near future.
  • Drupal is actively developed by a large worldwide open source community.
  • Some well-known organizations are basing sites on Drupal:

The White House – http://whitehouse.com

FCC – http://my.fcc.com

Investor.gov – http://investor.gov

The Small Business Administration – http://sba.gov

The Examiner – http://www.examiner.com

Best Buy – http://www.bestbuymobile.com

Chris Rock – http://chrisrock.com

Ing – http://ing.us

The Louvre – http://lourvre.fr

  • Websites built with Drupal are powerful, scalable and nearly limitless in their potential to add features.
  • Drupal was designed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) in mind.
  • Sites properly built with Drupal are manageable online resources and easy to use.
  • Drupal can aid a company to better serve its customers and become more efficient.  This translates to keeping costs down and realizing a better return on investment (ROI).

The Web 2.0 concept is the future. CMS Sites are the embodiment of Web 2.0. And Drupal is arguably the best CMS platform out there.

So why Drupal?   It just makes sense!

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