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Welcome to Cool Fire, Inc

A woman-owned small business in Maryland. 

Our primary concentration is Drupal web development, with a focus on module development and customization.  Our experience includes implementing custom modules for:

  ·  Business logic and workflow

  ·  Interfacing with external systems: import/export, REST services, batching, etc.

  ·  Custom content entities

  ·  E-commerce

  ·  Custom forms and data collection

  ·  Security and permission based logic

Basically we can make Drupal work the way you work, streamlining your workflow.

The majority of our work is performed as subcontractors; however we can work in any capacity, e.g., contractors, subcontractors, 1099, or even W2 employees.

For more information, please contact us with email or call us at 443-356-4360.

Thank you.

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